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  • One question is: what are the properties of a variety all of whose groups are residually finite?
  • Simply because a matter is historically new, such as aeronautics, does not mean that it falls residually to the federal government.
  • They were introduced by as a common generalization of amenable and residually finite groups.
  • The amount of incremental bank credit for the commercial will then be determined residually by taking out the share of bank credit going into Government securities and other Securities.
  • The men were paid residually for their later efforts and continued to receive the bulk of the profits from sales of Stooges merchandise.
  • This corresponds to his sense that poetry is, residually, a sacred art with its attention divided between ontology and finely-detailed epistemology.
  • More generally, every residually solvable group is hypoabelian.
  • Similarly such a monoid is residually finite if and only if all of its Schutzenberger groups are residually finite.
  • In particular, all profinite groups are residually finite.
  • In particular a geometry is called residually connected if every residue of rank at least 2 is connected (for the incidence relation).
  • The groups contain residually finite groups, Hopfian groups that are not residually finite, and non-Hopfian groups.
  • An important implication of Ong's argument is that, in explaining their response to technology, residually oral culture is as important a factor as capabilities.
  • Examples of surjunctive groups include all locally residually finite groups, all free groups, all subgroups of surjunctive groups, all abelian groups, all sofic groups, and every locally surjunctive group.
  • Any inverse limit of residually finite groups is residually finite.
  • Panic attacks are of acute onset, although acute debilitation (generally severe) may be followed by a period of residually impaired psychological functioning.
  • In addition, he refers to 'oral residue' and 'residually oral cultures'.
  • Subgroups of residually finite groups are residually finite, and direct products of residually finite groups are residually finite.
  • Ong argues that "many of the contrasts often made between 'western' and other views seem reducible to contrasts between deeply interiorized literacy and more or less residually oral states of consciousness."
  • Grigorchuk's group G was constructed in a 1980 paper of Rostislav Grigorchuk, where he proved that this group is infinite, periodic and residually finite.
  • It is a finitely generated infinite residually finite 2-group (that is, every element of the group has a finite order which is a power of 2).
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