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  • This difference is known as an error, though when observed it would be better described as a residual.
  • Any residual amount is returned to the owners of the company.
  • Residual pressure can remain in the fuel lines long after an injection-equipped engine has been shut down.
  • Clearly these residuals cannot be independent of each other, but they must be constrained by some kind of relationship.
  • Similar devices that are current operated are called residual-current devices.
  • If the residual grows further, treatment will likely be required.
  • There is residual disagreement over which family the genus should be placed in.
  • The singers were paid only for the session and have had no residuals from its use since then.
  • A large volume of residual water pours into them without any processing.
  • He is later restored to human form but retains some residual energy-generating powers.
  • Residual cash flow is another, much older term for economic profit.
  • They further claimed that the residual 3% would probably disappear if more complete data were available.
  • The cast settled their residual rights for a cash payout early in the production run.
  • The district is covered by mostly residual soil formed by weathering of bed rocks.
  • The amount of money a model can earn off of residuals depends on how long the campaign runs and where it runs.
  • The residual error at any given angle of attack is called the position error.
  • A great deal of research has thus been undertaken into finding other systems that exhibit residual entropy.
  • They state that while these used batteries may be no longer usable in vehicles, their residual capacity still has significant value.
  • During the initial heating of the chamber, residual air must be removed.
  • While there was initial support within the industry, problems occurred over the issue of residuals, particularly with the ABC.
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Meaning of residual

  • noun (often plural) a payment that is made to a performer or writer or director of a television show or commercial that is paid for every repeat showing
    he could retire on his residuals
  • adjective Relating to or indicating a remainder
    residual quantity