residual stresses

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  • Psychologists were sent to the school to deal with any residual stress that resulted from these events.
  • The difference is the residual stress in the edge and glass surface.
  • The pits also increase the components' surface area and leave behind residual stresses.
  • When the finished weldment cools, some areas cool and contract more than others, leaving residual stresses.
  • If there is residual stress within the polymer, the piece will shrink when held at such a temperature.
  • The tool path and normal pressure applied are designed to create a distribution of compressive residual stress.
  • There are some techniques which are used to create uniform residual stress in a beam.
  • These methods create deep compressive residual stresses to increase component life.
  • Residual stresses are stresses that remain in a solid material after the original cause of the stresses has been removed.
  • However, unintended residual stress in a designed structure may cause it to fail prematurely.
  • In extreme cases, residual stress can cause structural failure.
  • Also, the distorted grain structure that gives the workpiece its superior strength can lead to residual stresses.
  • This leaves the material with residual stresses that are at most as high as the yield strength of the material in its heated state.
  • Due to the fast cooling after moulding, the part retains a small amount of residual stress.
  • The metal in this area is often weaker than both the base material and the fusion zone, and is also where residual stresses are found.
  • It weakens the wood slightly and can leave residual stresses which may cause breakage, blowouts or spring-back over time.
  • In physiological state soft tissues usually present residual stress that may be released when the tissue is excised.
  • The structure will be permanently deformed when the load is removed, and may have residual stresses.
  • When undesired residual stress is present from prior metalworking operations, the amount of residual stress may be reduced using several methods.
  • This indicates stress concentration, possibly the combination of residual stress from forming and the action of the spring.
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