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  • Info A residual is generally a quantity left over at the end of a process.
  • The thought is we don't want the residuals of the old army.
  • However, power plants and large ships are able to use residual fuel oil.
  • Equipment for this service now has little to no residual value.
  • A person may well not be able to avoid a crash even though he has some residual control.
  • There is either no yard or small residual yards surrounding the building.
  • The president generally acts on the advice of the prime minister but has important residual powers.
  • Therefore the private company gets the benefits of any residual value of the project.
  • Use of residual fuel oil was more common in the past.
  • The Eye's residual energy also gave her, on at least one occasion, super-strength.
  • Dry wine, for example, has only a small amount of residual sugar.
  • Below you see the residual network for the given flow.
  • It can be made into a dry style or one with a moderate residual sugar level.
  • The castle's lower levels are warm due to residual volcanic activity deep below the keep.
  • A small residual force remains (described below) known as the residual strong force.
  • It may be removed from the heat a few minutes earlier, and left to cook with its residual heat.
  • The residual value of the company is called common stock.
  • Enemies can be finished off before the health bar reaches zero, and doing so leaves more residual energy.
  • It was most likely a false positive because of large residuals.
  • Additionally, the residual presence of these drugs in human food products has become controversial.
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Meaning of residual

  • noun (often plural) a payment that is made to a performer or writer or director of a television show or commercial that is paid for every repeat showing
    he could retire on his residuals
  • adjective Relating to or indicating a remainder
    residual quantity