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  • Each board member has a under them residing in a different area on campus.
  • The government of the county usually resides in a municipality called the county seat.
  • Without the evil residing within every living person, the firm would not exist.
  • However, it was never finished until after the war was over so he never resided in it.
  • Being the state capital, many state government workers reside in the area.
  • The character memory resides in a read-only memory in some systems.
  • Each member must reside within particular district for which seat he/she seeks election.
  • Originally there was no specific relationship between network numbers and the regions they reside in.
  • Members of the family resided in the home for thirty more years.
  • Black bear, even more difficult to see, also reside in this area.
  • While they reside under one roof they still retain their independent company names and numbers.
  • Here he resided for many years continuing to direct the affairs of his theatre.
  • A significant portion of the county population resides in these three communities.
  • Students will be separated into schools based on where they reside.
  • Most of the island's year-round residents reside on the western end of the island.
  • But, you will ask, in what does this general will reside?
  • During his last years he resided in Florida, working in real estate.
  • Most students reside off campus, though there are six areas of on-campus housing.
  • Only one active user could reside in core memory at any time.
  • While in the village he would have resided in the bishop's residence.
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Meaning of reside

  • verb Make one's home in a particular place or community
    may parents reside in Florida