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  • Many television special continue to resemble the variety show format to this day.
  • Heaven was often a place designed to resemble what they had gone through in life.
  • They resemble small stars so much as hardly to be distinguished from them.
  • Under the influence of his mother, whose reserved character he resembled, he became very religious.
  • The services usually resembled rock concerts more than any worship services of the time.
  • All fighting each other among the more regular population which in many ways resembles the "old west".
  • While the strip in its early years resembles its later form, there are significant differences.
  • Many of the sport categories of those days resembled dance more than modern track and field events.
  • Market research techniques resemble those used in political polling and social science research.
  • Thus the characters and settings do not generally resemble those seen in the series.
  • Non-traditional diacritics are often named after objects they resemble, so is called bridge.
  • When first created, the game closely resembled the original work.
  • This method gave the sound track a unique sound that closely resembled what the character would actually be hearing.
  • A look-alike, or double, is a person who closely resembles another person.
  • Therefore, his body has no depth to it, and he resembles a thin piece of paper.
  • It is so called because it resembles a conventional image of a star.
  • Some believe its inner area is divided to resemble an ancient map of Ireland.
  • Although she closely resembled several of the other ships ordered in this program, she was the only ship in her class.
  • With these changes she more resembled the reconstructed than the other three ships in the class.
  • The switched network between elements resembled, in many ways, a modern computer network.
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  • verb Appear like; be similar or bear a likeness to
    She resembles her mother very much, This paper resembles my own work