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  • The club founded then has no resemblance to a modern professional football club.
  • The film bore little resemblance to any prior film or the original books.
  • If we see enough matches we say we've noticed a family resemblance.
  • All the best poetry the world has known is full of such resemblances. Cited from Ralph Waldo Emerson, by Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • The native language appears to bear a close resemblance to modern German.
  • Let us here run rapidly over the resemblances of light and heat. Cited from Six Lectures on Light, by John Tyndall
  • It is so named based on its resemblance to the teeth of a saw.
  • His mother later maintained that newspaper accounts of her son bore little resemblance to him.
  • There are, as you know, great resemblances in many of the operations of nature. Cited from Another World, by Benjamin Lumley (AKA Hermes)
  • They will base all that they do upon certain resemblances and certain differences between people and machines. Cited from Crowds, by Gerald Stanley Lee
  • He saw knowledge as a case of a family resemblance.
  • To know the resemblances of things is even more important than to know the differences of things. Cited from The Pleasures of Ignorance, by Robert Lynd
  • He knows nothing and says nothing of the means used to produce their resemblances or their differences. Cited from Relations Between Religion and Science, Frederick, Lord Bishop of Exeter
  • In order to find the resemblances we must begin by seeing the differences. Cited from Ten Great Religions, by James Freeman Clarke
  • I can only say what I think the differences and resemblances were. Cited from Margot Asquith, An Autobiography: Volumes I & II
  • Do the resemblances between old and New World stories point to a similar conclusion? Cited from Uncle Remus/Songs/Sayings, by Joel Chandler Harris
  • There are numerous additional ways in which the film bears little or no resemblance to real-life people or events.
  • What resemblances do you find in these two contemporary writers? Cited from English Literature, by William J. Long
  • The reason for the great structural resemblances between the two lies in their common history.
  • A small hill on the west side provides the only resemblance of an elevation change in the entire town.
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Meaning of resemblance

  • noun Similarity in appearance or external or superficial details