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  • He is left to face trial alone once more, until his final rescue.
  • This could cause people to be sent to rescue them when there was no need.
  • She was rescued eight hours after her husband went down with the ship.
  • She spent her last days in rescue work among women.
  • She had been rescued from a similar fire just two weeks earlier.
  • She says it started after she was rescued by her prince as a little girl.
  • Air sea rescue and military personnel struggle to save lives all down the coast.
  • On two occasions, he is captured and the team has to rescue him.
  • Police officers killed five of the eight Black September members during a failed rescue attempt.
  • The intention was to give them the appearance of air-sea-rescue vessels.
  • Many of these health problems continue to cause suffering even after the animals are rescued.
  • The rescue station began the continuous human presence on the island which continues today.
  • His story helped raise support for the establishment of a rescue station on the island.
  • All thirty-eight men on board survived, and were rescued twenty-nine days later.
  • Why would it even make a difference if you are rescued?
  • He was picked up quickly by air-sea rescue but died of his injuries shortly after.
  • Others joined in after his team succeeded, and rescued several more.
  • When his sister came to rescue her husband, he also started quarreling with her.
  • The same year, he spent two weeks in North Wales with a mountain rescue team.
  • He will also report weather conditions and rescues performed for the day.
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Meaning of rescue

  • noun Recovery or preservation from loss or danger
    work is the deliverance of mankind, a surgeon's job is the saving of lives
  • verb Free from harm or evil
  • verb Take forcibly from legal custody
    rescue prisoners