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  • The entire band subsequently announced a split but rescinded this decision two months later.
  • The contract could not have been rescinded because the plane had been sold.
  • She burst into tears and sent him straight back to his office to rescind the order.
  • Although this decision was rescinded soon after, great damage was done.
  • Records before they rescinded their master rights from the label.
  • The foreign judgment must be final and the foreign court no longer has any power to change or rescind it.
  • In this way, rules are always seen as a means of increasing freedom rather than rescinding it.
  • Under pressure from internet campaigns, he later rescinded his support for the bill.
  • Nearly a year would pass before the council would rescind the decision, after much public protest and debate.
  • Although this was initially granted it was rescinded and the order has remained open only to males ever since.
  • The order was finally rescinded when it became clear that both companies were unable to break-off the engagement.
  • However, a week later he rescinded the resignation, instead taking a medical leave of absence.
  • Two days later, it was announced that New Jersey decided to rescind the trade.
  • The award was later rescinded and split among other states.
  • However, when Brooks heard of this news, he quickly got the decision rescinded.
  • The school rescinded its offer when his mother was unable to document his ancestry.
  • The organizations said executive orders do not carry the full force of law and can be rescinded at any time by any administration.
  • The patient has a right to rescind the request at any time.
  • Also the regulations used then have been rescinded, and new regulations would be needed.
  • The government granted them extensive fishing rights, which were not rescinded until the 1960s.
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