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  • Three early-season games had to be rescheduled due to various events.
  • So many attempts were made to reschedule this show, but something always worked against it.
  • Most often the game is rescheduled for a day on which the two teams play each other again.
  • The rescheduled session was due to finish just four hours before the race began.
  • Only one race has been rescheduled from its original date.
  • Eventually, the series was rescheduled to stream within three days after the Japanese broadcast.
  • Due to the new album release date, their UK tour was rescheduled for March.
  • It was also going to be released earlier, but the date was rescheduled.
  • As a result the national final was rescheduled to a later date.
  • Padukone dropped out within six days because the film was always being rescheduled.
  • This also resulted in three dates of the group's tour being rescheduled.
  • We will do everything to reschedule and play for our wonderful fans.
  • Thus it was rescheduled, as were all of the other network shows.
  • All results against them that took place to that date were kept and future games were rescheduled amongst the remaining teams.
  • It was announced that they would be rescheduled later that summer.
  • It was not rescheduled because the date was supposed to be a special day.
  • Once an always block has reached its end, it is rescheduled (again).
  • However, some poor reviews and rescheduled concerts brought some negative media attention.
  • Several dates were added and rescheduled, and the complete schedule was released two months later.
  • Post-production was therefore expanded into May of the same year, and was eventually rescheduled to December.
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  • verb Assign a new time and place for an event
    We had to reschedule the doctor's appointment