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  • Any or each of the above methods are used in an industry based on its requirements.
  • Quality of service is particularly important for the transport of traffic with special requirements.
  • Reserve requirements from the central bank were high compared to recent times.
  • Language and cultural background were no longer the only requirements of nation.
  • These requirements are meant to be followed for road construction.
  • Government departments have been established to meet the requirements of social and economic progress.
  • All of these requirements directly impact the Head of government's role.
  • This field is closely related to requirements analysis or operations research.
  • This makes the power requirements vary by the season and the time of day.
  • Power requirements were met, and studies were made to provide electricity to rural areas.
  • The water requirements of cumin are lower than those of many other species.
  • Now with more complex service requirements this is less of an option.
  • In these traditions, only men who meet certain requirements may become priests.
  • The course requirements did not change, only the name.
  • In different seasons, there may be different requirements to achieve a certain level or different elements may be required.
  • Citizens of the two countries can travel to the other without visa requirements.
  • In the United States, the requirements for entering into marriage are determined by state law.
  • Small power requirements continued to be provided by animal and human muscle until the late 19th century.
  • When new E-roads have been added these requirements have not been followed stringently.
  • Their metabolic rate is low and as a result, their food and energy requirements are limited.
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Root form of requirements is requirement for the noun.

Meaning of requirements

  • noun Required activity
    the requirements of his work affected his health, there were many demands on his time