require that

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  • It was also required that each town pay for a primary school.
  • These companies also require that you enter into a contract with them.
  • It does not require that all code be part of some object class method.
  • Local trade union rules required that they were accompanied by a French crew.
  • His ideal of the church required that it should stand clear and above the state.
  • It was also required that a government official be present during the shooting of all films.
  • His contract, however, required that he make several guest appearances that season.
  • It also required that all funding necessary to complete construction be in place before construction begins.
  • Application was made for a post office, which required that they choose a name.
  • For example, some schools require that all students study a foreign language, and others do not.
  • The Senate required that some senior officer remain in Rome at all times.
  • Some require that all parts of the body are buried together.
  • It was soon required that one used skill in order to obtain victory.
  • In some games, it is required that runs contain at least four cards.
  • This theory required that the blood be consumed and produced many times over.
  • The principle of freedom cannot require that he should be free not to be free.
  • It requires that states act in the best interests of the child.
  • The colony had required that each parish provide a common school.
  • A happy ending only requires that the main characters be all right.
  • This in turn requires that prices must be set for both these services.
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