require regular maintenance

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  • Solid wooden ships can last much longer but require regular maintenance.
  • She also looks after artifacts that require regular maintenance to keep them from acting up.
  • Much of those production machines require regular maintenance, which becomes supplied specialized companies in the machine industry.
  • Pinelands require regular maintenance by fire to ensure their existence.
  • As with aircraft, hot air balloons require regular maintenance to remain airworthy.
  • To function well they require regular maintenance, the finest marker pens in particular.
  • All types of agricultural fencing require regular maintenance to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Conventional rolling-element bearings usually have shorter life and require regular maintenance.
  • Some of the engines are not on display as engines which in some cases are 100 years old require regular maintenance work to keep them in service.
  • Check dams require regular maintenance as they are used primarily as a temporary structure and thereby are not designed to withstand long-term use.
  • Like other machines, autonomous robots still require regular maintenance.
  • While they have similar biological processes, they do not "heal" the way a human does, and instead require regular maintenance to keep themselves in top form.
  • Autonomous robots still require regular maintenance, as with all machines.
  • They are also costly to produce, require regular maintenance and adjustments, and are more prone to failures.
  • Valves in brass instruments require regular maintenance and lubrication to ensure fast and reliable movement.
  • Product oriented services especially suite well to products that are difficult to handle, respectively need technical expertise, or to products that require regular maintenance or supporting infrastructure.
  • The brushes and commutator of a DC motor are prone to wear and require regular maintenance, while an induction machine does not.
  • The use of AC eliminated the need for spinning DC voltage conversion motor-generators that require regular maintenance and monitoring.