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  • Reputedly only three were built and one of them has subsequently been destroyed.
  • In his later years he was reputedly engaged mainly on her account.
  • She was one of the younger cast members and reputedly popular with the audience.
  • They reputedly built nothing more than a small chapel and kept the balance for themselves.
  • This was reputedly originally intended to be the band's debut album.
  • One record-setting game reputedly lasted for eight days, but most modern games are stopped after about two hours.
  • One hundred and thirty oak trees were reputedly used in its construction.
  • It was reputedly left behind shortly after the Creator completed his major work.
  • He reputedly had bone trouble in his right hand on and off throughout his career as a result.
  • It is reputedly the first volume of poetry dedicated to computer and video games.
  • Its lower half reputedly also once stood in Istanbul but is now lost.
  • The majority of the album was reputedly written in the six months preceding its recording.
  • Their appearance is reputedly like colored flames about the size of a human being.
  • They reputedly have long lifespans, and can only be killed through special methods.
  • Chelsea continue to tour and are reputedly recording new material for a new album.
  • The building reputedly stands on the site of a pre-Christian temple.
  • Their performance was, however, stopped after only several minutes, because of the loudness reputedly.
  • Reputedly on one occasion he changed water into wine.
  • After his release, he reputedly died very rich.
  • In his short landscape design career he reputedly worked at "some hundreds" of sites.
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Meaning of reputedly

  • adverb By repute; according to general belief
    fish with reputedly poisonous flesh