reproduce his

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  • He was unable to reproduce his earlier performance, however, and lost a majority decision.
  • His work was later called into question due to other scientists being unable to reproduce his results.
  • However, his own and others' attempts to reproduce his original results failed.
  • He was compelled to do certain things in order to live and reproduce his kind. Cited from A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga, by Yogi Ramacharaka
  • He was unable to reproduce his form in the league match and played no other senior football for the club.
  • I should much desire to reproduce his chapter on that subject, if it were not too long. Cited from Native Races and the War, by Josephine Elizabeth Butler
  • Then he has a better chance of reproducing his picture in the mind of the reader. Cited from Business Correspondence, Vol. 1, by Anonymous
  • No attempts have been made to reproduce his results using the same experimental techniques.
  • He failed to reproduce his best form however, and finished fourth to Sinndar.
  • His method seems to have been usually to take some older writer as his basis and to reproduce his work, in his own style.
  • Daiwa Major failed to reproduce his best form in his remaining races that season.
  • I reproduce his figure and some scenes of that great cause -- make your own comments, reader. Cited from Mohun, or, The Last Days of Lee, John Esten Cooke
  • Long afterwards he told me how he felt, and I reproduce his phrases as nearly as I can. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • In his two remaining races, Never So Bold failed to reproduce his best form.
  • However, he could not reproduce his Crucible success from the previous season.
  • Carroll House remained in training as a five-year-old but failed to reproduce his previous form in two races.
  • He was expected to win, but failed to reproduce his summer form and finished third to Hippius.
  • However, his conclusions were rejected by other researchers when they were unable to reproduce his results.
  • He scored nine goals in his first year at the club, but could not reproduce his form from Bochum.
  • Our Babu failed to reproduce his best form in two subsequent races.
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