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  • The history is repleted with numerous people who had left the world.
  • Whose smile upon each feature plays with such and such replete. Cited from Ulysses, by James Joyce
  • My heart is filled with the desire to know which religion is the one replete with truth.
  • The studio still stands today, replete with an extra window built to give the artist more northern light.
  • In the following spring they were married, and thus began for both a new life replete with happiness. Cited from Story-Lives of Great Musicians, by Francis Jameson Rowbotham
  • To talk in that way about an old master replete with genius! Cited from The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard by Anatole France 3
  • Three years ago such a prospect would have been replete with terror to him. Cited from The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him, by Ford
  • It is replete with local news and information as well as articles on history and heritage.
  • London was again dazzling in her eyes, and her own future was replete with hope. Cited from The Palace Beautiful, by L. T. Meade
  • Most coastal waters are replete with iron and adding more has no useful effect.
  • Most of the residents are employed in various industries that are replete here.
  • No power of imagination could create materials more replete with romantic interest than their simple experience afforded. Cited from Godey's Lady's Book, Vol. 42, January, 1851, by Various
  • If she was much to you here, how full and replete with love will be her ministration to you now. Cited from Dawn, Mrs. Harriet A. Adams
  • The only other available pass was next to a high hill, covered with trees and replete with swamps.
  • But as we read its pages we were far more surprised to find them replete with interest and instruction. Cited from India: What can it teach us?, by F. Max Muller
  • Then came a touch of Eastern America, to me almost more replete with memory and excitement. Cited from Out To Win, by Coningsby Dawson
  • The month succeeding the opening of the great, white building, was replete with change. Cited from The Genius, by Margaret Horton Potter
  • No portrait that I have ever seen of anyone has been half so replete with those qualities. Cited from Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens
  • But when all felt replete the boy began to cry, and soon howled. Cited from The Devil's Garden, by W. B. Maxwell
  • I am so replete that I can scarcely write. Cited from Scott's Last Expedition Volume I, by Captain R. F. Scott
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