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  • Out of this the major from time to time replenished his silver cup. Cited from The Rifle Rangers, by Captain Mayne Reid
  • It could not have been replenished for some time, perhaps two hours or more. Cited from Darkness and Dawn, by George Allan England
  • Water loss and food were replenished if necessary during the test period.
  • At this rate the search-light may be operated twenty hours without replenishing. Cited from Artificial Light, by M. Luckiesh
  • The fire had been allowed to die down, and had only just been replenished. Cited from The Squire of Sandal-Side, by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  • The houses seemed to have turned themselves inside out to replenish the streets. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. XV., No. 85., by Various
  • We made our camp by a water hole replenished by the recent rain. Cited from I Married a Ranger, by Dama Margaret Smith
  • Time and again he rose to re-heat the stones and replenish the fire. Cited from Overland Red, by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • It will be fit for use in three or four weeks and may be frequently replenished. Cited from The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887), by Mrs. F.L. Gillette
  • Their fire was almost down and they did not replenish it. Cited from Daughter of the Sun, by Jackson Gregory
  • Soon after they find an abandoned ship and replenish their equipment.
  • But they are not replenished so fast as they used to be, I think. Cited from The Child of the Dawn, by Arthur Christopher Benson
  • Three times these ships replenished forty or more ships of the Eastern Fleet.
  • Here they found a spring from which to replenish their water supplies.
  • The servant, having finished his task, replenished the fire and left the room. Cited from The Masquerader, by Katherine Cecil Thurston
  • When he had fully replenished his wardrobe he still had several hours left to him. Cited from The Seventh Noon, by Frederick Orin Bartlett
  • No tank support would be available until these had been replenished.
  • The flow of water is very strong and the lake is believed to be completely replenished each day.
  • A water stop or water station on a railroad is a place where trains stop to replenish water.
  • If no more than time to replenish stores was allowed, good enough, despite the loss of sales. Cited from Elizabethan Sea Dogs, by William Wood
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Meaning of replenish

  • verb Fill something that had previously been emptied
    refill my glass, please