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  • Both games are generally very simple, and many players find that they quickly become repetitive.
  • However, the changes this time around were not as numerous and often repetitive.
  • They can also carry a meaning separate from the repetitive sound patterns created.
  • The game is divided up into many rounds, although most are repetitive in nature.
  • The simple repetitive song is given in a short song flight.
  • Typically, this uses relatively simple, repetitive activities to process large volumes of similar information.
  • Many of these are repetitive, at the most changing one weapon system for another.
  • In addition, the game has been criticised for being short and at times repetitive.
  • Their concept of arrangement was somewhat limited, and their recordings can seem rather repetitive.
  • Each day is assigned an exact, repetitive date relative to week and month.
  • This time around they had a clear focus on the lyrics which were now more complex and less repetitive than before.
  • His bass lines were often simple and repetitive, but always with the purpose of supporting the song.
  • Some repetitive and complex tasks needed to be carried out by hand.
  • MEan women and children march the streets all night beating upon their drums in a repetitive beat.
  • Also noted was the variety in the included games, preventing the game from getting too repetitive.
  • Sometimes the game can fall into a repetitive cycle of positions.
  • Repetitive awards may be recognized by wearing additional stars in the appropriate competition level.
  • However, the game has been criticized for its repetitive gameplay and short length.
  • These sources feature regular repetitive publication of series of data.
  • Among some ethnic groups music would help advance a repetitive or arduous task.
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Meaning of repetitive

  • adjective Characterized by repetition
    repetitive movement