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  • Info A repeal is the removal or reversal of a law. more...
  • He has since been taken off the transfer list and had his fine repealed.
  • However, there was no real chance of repeal going through at that point.
  • I am not going to vote for repeal until I hear from them.
  • This study began six months following repeal and concluded at the one year mark.
  • These acts were later repealed due to public pressure over the double-standard nature of these laws.
  • The system was repealed when Congress returned only a few months later.
  • She said she would have voted for repeal had she made the vote.
  • The services tax was repealed the same day it went into effect.
  • It is still in force although certain parts have been repealed.
  • As a result, the demand to repeal them became the greatest issue in his life.
  • However, it can be repealed in the same manner as an ordinary law.
  • However, included in the total number of rules are the repeal of rules and also minor rules.
  • In England and Wales, this section has been repealed and has not been replaced.
  • In the course of his life he succeeded in getting only three capital statutes repealed.
  • These powers were widely used to silence the government's critics, and have never been repealed.
  • Because the act only repeals other legislation, it is a spent law.
  • Many repeals without replacement are the result of significant changes in society.
  • However, newspapers reported that he tried to block efforts to repeal the entire raise.
  • One of the measures passed by this parliament was an act repealing the act of settlement. Cited from The Land-War In Ireland (1870), by James Godkin
  • Moreover, an Act may be repealed having never come into force.
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