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  • He allowed faculty and students to use it until the school could repay him.
  • Brown only needed half the amount, which he repaid within six months.
  • In that year he repaid her in land for the services she had done the church.
  • The trees are now repaying the earth with interest what they have taken from it. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 60, October 1862, by Various
  • After the war, he was repaid for his property by the US government.
  • Virginia finally repaid most of his debt several years after his death.
  • If this work is carefully done, the result more than repays the time spent upon it. Cited from Make Your Own Hats, by Gene Allen Martin
  • It is quite safe to say that of all animals the horse best repays kind treatment. Cited from Friends and Helpers, by Sarah J. Eddy
  • Instead of giving her husband the money back she says she will repay the debt in bed.
  • I owe you more than you will ever give me the chance of repaying you. Cited from Mary Marston, by George MacDonald
  • One way for individuals to repay their organization is through their level of engagement.
  • Still, the view from the top well repaid one for the trouble of getting there. Cited from Across Coveted Lands, by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
  • The money was to be repaid to the state if the commission was successful.
  • However she has refused to repay the money so far.
  • The loan was never repaid, and the home health care business never was established.
  • The student must begin to repay this money two years after completing their study programme.
  • We have to read between the lines to find the man; but he well repays the search. Cited from Pioneers of the Old Southwest by Constance Skinner
  • Adult education repays itself many times over by providing direct opportunity to adults.
  • Money he had advanced to the college was never fully repaid.
  • However, England has since repaid all this loss in various ways. Cited from Comic History of the United States, by Bill Nye
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