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  • Nearly every home had some type of damage and many were destroyed beyond repair.
  • He probably wanted to make the needed repairs before going any further.
  • Before the track was completely repaired about a year later, limited service went into effect.
  • A doctor repaired the rest of his hand as best he could.
  • Without great care, the cable might part and would be difficult to repair.
  • The statue has since then been repaired and put back in its place.
  • This system would also make field repairs easier to carry out under battle conditions.
  • Within a few months he had repaired the aircraft and learned to fly.
  • The vessel was made water-tight after almost two weeks of repair work.
  • More would be required for the main test, and they would need better roads and repair facilities.
  • When repairs were made, a tower and clock were added to the building.
  • The now supply the majority of the white oak required for repair work.
  • It was also used for the repair of commercial aircraft, and for pilot training.
  • Recently, the city has seen expansion of its personal aircraft maintenance and repair industry.
  • They could only be partially repaired and her days of long-distance travel were over.
  • Washington ordered that the guns fire all night so that the British could not make repairs.
  • The better quality spring air guns can have very long service lives, being simple to maintain and repair.
  • However, they will continue to sell media and offer repair services.
  • Repairing it would have taken too much time, so the production began shooting at night.
  • It has since been repaired, but is no longer on public display.
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Meaning of repair

  • noun The act of putting something in working order again
  • noun A formal way of referring to the condition of something
    the building was in good repair
  • verb Restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken
    She repaired her TV set, Repair my shoes please
  • verb Move, travel, or proceed toward some place
    He repaired to his cabin in the woods