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  • They are renewable provided the student remains in the upper third of his or her class.
  • Many of the activities required for economic growth use non-renewable resources.
  • They are all appointed for non-renewable terms of eight years.
  • He is appointed for the term of Parliament and his term is renewable.
  • The economic engine would be based on renewable resources at this point.
  • No other nation uses such a high proportion of renewable energy resources.
  • In recent years the town has seen important developments in renewable energy, particularly in wind power.
  • It is a leading institution in renewable energy technology education and training.
  • They use a renewable energy source and are designed to operate for decades.
  • The organization continues to expand into new areas of research, such as renewable energy sources.
  • More wind power capacity was added during 2009 than any other renewable technology.
  • In April, she signed an action plan with India on renewable energy.
  • They have a renewable term of office of five years.
  • Ocean energy has the potential of providing a substantial amount of new renewable energy around the world.
  • Now judges are elected for a non-renewable nine year term.
  • Prior to the development of coal in the mid 19th century, nearly all energy used was renewable.
  • This can be changed using more renewable sources for electric generation.
  • In his final years of active research, he studied the use of oil-producing plants as renewable sources of energy.
  • Portugal has considerable resources of wind and river power, the two most cost-effective renewable sources.
  • Renewable sources, such as solar power and wind power may be available where cell sites are placed.
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Meaning of renewable

  • adjective That can be renewed or extended
    a renewable lease, renewable subscriptions