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  • And they too could be removed from office at any time that the assembly met.
  • Some parts and instruments had been removed and could not be located.
  • The units can be removed, if necessary, from the aircraft in order to transport film.
  • It was most likely a simple board placed on the stadium track which was removed after the event.
  • The only way data can be removed is if users don't request it.
  • It was removed from British stores to make way for an August re-release.
  • Elements can be added to the back of the list and removed from the front in constant time.
  • Police were forced to break a car window to remove her.
  • All members of parliament who had taken part in the revolt were removed from office.
  • It added noise to the signal at one end and removed it at the other end.
  • The steps that remove the official from office are also different.
  • If he is found guilty, he is removed from power.
  • He removes her from the project that she had been looking after.
  • Some are merely places where farmers have collected stones removed from a field.
  • Judges are appointed by the president and may be removed only for cause and after a hearing.
  • Those who survived the battle returned and removed a stone from the pile.
  • He remained in power until 1976, when he was removed by another military government.
  • In practice, it can be quite difficult to remove a director by a resolution in general meeting.
  • The efficiency of one person removing the same piece over and over caught his attention.
  • The act of removing from one country or state to another.
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Meaning of remove

  • noun Degree of figurative distance or separation;
    just one remove from madness" or "it imitates at many removes a Shakespearean tragedy
  • verb Remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
    remove a threat, remove a wrapper, Remove the dirty dishes from the table, take the gun from your pocket, This machine withdraws heat from the environment
  • verb Remove from a position or an office
  • verb Shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes
    He removed his children to the countryside, Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city, remove a case to another court
  • verb Get rid of something abstract
    The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage, God takes away your sins