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  • All of the songs have been re-recorded and two have been remixed.
  • Since then, he has released four other full albums and two remixed albums.
  • Since the album's release, many of its songs have been re-recorded and remixed.
  • The song has since been remixed and re-released on many occasions.
  • Fourteen years after its original release, the song was remixed and re-released.
  • The main theme from the film has been widely remixed and covered by many artists.
  • This album featured many songs that were remixed from their original form, giving them a fresh new sound.
  • The remixed tracks are longer, various elements were added to them and many parts were re-recorded.
  • Covers features cover versions of various famous songs remixed and covered by dance music acts.
  • Though some songs were re-recorded and remixed for the recording, the album featured only one completely new track.
  • It also contained remixed music, like the port of the first game.
  • Many of his old songs are these days remixed by video game music enthusiasts.
  • Subsequent albums featured re-issued, remixed studio and live performances of the more successful material.
  • The track was remixed by multiple artists and became and international hit.
  • The song was remixed for single release, giving it more of an electronic feel.
  • A remixed version of the album was released the following year.
  • All the tracks on the album are remixed from their original versions.
  • It is still a favorite to this day and has been remixed several times by different artists.
  • He created this remixed version for his three-year-old daughter who wanted to play as a heroine.
  • When playing through the game again, the lines are remixed.
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