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  • This has often led to the need for remedial classes in college.
  • Remedial legislation has been introduced and in some cases passed, in a number of states.
  • Every single aspect of the house from the roof down required remedial attention.
  • It is also true that there is much less need for remedial reading classes in most other nations.
  • Also, remedial classes are arranged for students who are in need of them.
  • This usually happens after the player has completed a period of remedial work on his action.
  • Teams found to be lacking any particular areas are given remedial training and brought up to standard.
  • Whether that punishment will be final or remedial we do not know. Cited from What Peace Means, by Henry van Dyke
  • However, remedial courses can also be offered for other subjects such as science or study skills.
  • Remedial lessons are also arranged to give support to students of lower ability.
  • Many take remedial courses for no credit in their first year.
  • The government has announced details of a grant scheme for remedial work on a system.
  • Both of these situations can, if necessary, be fixed by remedial electric line work.
  • Errors in construction meant that extensive remedial work was required over several decades.
  • Since Brown never had either physical or legal custody, no remedial efforts were required.
  • It must have a remedial and the opposite effect, according as it is applied. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 8, No. 49, November, 1861, by Various
  • The fire risk was reduced, but not eliminated, following remedial work during development.
  • Before any remedial law can have its just operation, the affairs of India must be restored to their natural order. Cited from Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VII (of 12)
  • This year also saw the start of the Remedial English program.
  • Remedial works have since been carried out at the ground, and the capacity may be reviewed.
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