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  • Info Remarkable (incorporated as Remarkable Pencils Ltd) is a UK company that makes stationery products out of recycled products.
  • It is a remarkable work to have come from so young a hand.
  • What is remarkable is that the result was probably about one sixth too high.
  • The modern era has also produced a remarkable set of buildings from the mid-century style.
  • Green's life story is remarkable in that he was almost entirely self-taught.
  • Both public and private schools have made remarkable progress in the last decade.
  • The area has a remarkable history including events associated with the "wild west."
  • He is said to have had a remarkable memory and a great command of languages.
  • With remarkable natural talent, he composed numbers in his head and never wrote them down.
  • Their voice is remarkable in that it has two different calls.
  • His contributions at once gave evidence of his remarkable wealth of historical knowledge.
  • Children have a remarkable ability to remember events in their lives.
  • Such an act would explain his remarkable rise in fortune in the years that followed.
  • What had made his poetry so remarkable at the beginning - that every new book was completely new - was gone.
  • Considering the short period he had been in parliament the response was remarkable.
  • He was the second of four brothers and one sister, all remarkable for their talents.
  • To a remarkable extent, the area had continued to be so used until the last decade.
  • She then focused on her stage career and appeared in European films with remarkable acting performances.
  • In the context of the nature of their relationship however, one stands out as remarkable.
  • For such a small town to have achieved and maintained so much is truly remarkable.
  • The great economic prosperity of the city was followed by remarkable cultural activity.
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