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  • The Magic Experience system from the original game does not appear in the remake.
  • The album consisted of eight tracks, all of which were remakes of old Indian songs.
  • There was not agreement among the original crew as to whether it would be a good idea to remake the film.
  • The film version was now no longer a continuation of the original series but rather a complete remake.
  • Television announced they were producing a complete remake of V instead.
  • Verhoeven has since stated that this is the only film of his he has ever considered remaking.
  • Various games were made exclusively for the platform, as well as various remakes.
  • Similar to the All-Stars remake, this port includes a save feature.
  • It may however appear as the sixth route in the remake.
  • A comic book was produced for each remake of the first two Broken Sword games.
  • The album featured five new songs in addition to Japanese remakes of seven previously released Korean songs.
  • The film has been successfully remade in several other Indian languages and also inspired similar themes.
  • This involved no actual engineering or construction work, but the remaking of the city's entire one way system.
  • But the influence of children goes further than its first trifling effort of remaking heaven and earth. Cited from The Defendant, by G.K. Chesterton
  • Later, this plan was dropped, and it was remade into a continuous information service.
  • These remakes improved on the original versions with re-written game code and all-new graphics.
  • The game has been remade on numerous home and portable platforms following its release.
  • They remade the version, which the band loved much more.
  • Many homes have been torn down and remade for more families as more people move into the neighborhood.
  • New music was composed and recorded for the remade film.
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Root form of remakes is remake for both verb and noun.

Meaning of remakes

  • noun Creation that is created again or anew
    it is a remake of an old film
  • verb Make new
    She is remaking her image