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  • He has made films with original stories and also remakes from other languages.
  • Some of the songs were remakes of older songs done by new bands.
  • Due to the poor sales of the game, further remakes have been put on hold.
  • Remakes occur less often on television than in film, but have happened from time to time.
  • Most of the songs are remakes of other artists songs done with different arrangement.
  • It was one of four remakes of foreign-language films made by London Films.
  • Both films would serve as source material for remakes decades later.
  • She took part in two episodes, which were remakes of previous ones.
  • It was also notable for being the source of several subsequent remakes.
  • It includes eight new songs and four remakes of songs from the original film's soundtrack.
  • Their first self-titled album included remakes of several classic truck-driving songs.
  • The album consisted of eight tracks, all of which were remakes of old Indian songs.
  • Various games were made exclusively for the platform, as well as various remakes.
  • The album featured five new songs in addition to Japanese remakes of seven previously released Korean songs.
  • These remakes improved on the original versions with re-written game code and all-new graphics.
  • Since 1986 the story proved popular and has been subject to four remakes.
  • The album contains remakes of love songs from outside the R&B genre.
  • Some remakes of the song replace these words with a reference to looking at the white lines on the road.
  • Three of the songs on the albums were remakes of previous Black singles.
  • Along with the urban remakes, the original songs still play in the game's soundtrack.
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Root form of remakes is remake for both verb and noun.

Meaning of remakes

  • noun Creation that is created again or anew
    it is a remake of an old film
  • verb Make new
    She is remaking her image