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  • They then get remade into something else that can then take on a new meaning.
  • He has made films with original stories and also remakes from other languages.
  • The release of the remake would mark the first release in the series in eight years.
  • She remade some of her oldest songs for this album but does have one new one.
  • During the run of the series this film was remade as a one-hour episode.
  • For this show, they remade their two songs, giving them a more child friendly feel.
  • The film remade three classic episodes of the original series and included one original story.
  • Some of the songs were remakes of older songs done by new bands.
  • He remade the original projects to make better use of new materials and building techniques.
  • The Office has been remade in different versions and different languages around the world.
  • The original had a smaller cast than the remake, allowing more screen time for each character.
  • He played as a wing, although he remade himself into a point guard in his pro career.
  • Due to the poor sales of the game, further remakes have been put on hold.
  • This feature was later removed in the remake of the first game.
  • Remakes occur less often on television than in film, but have happened from time to time.
  • Remaking the world would have been easy, had one been familiar with the power.
  • Most of the songs are remakes of other artists songs done with different arrangement.
  • A remake is a motion picture based on a film produced earlier.
  • In some cases, entirely new versions of the games are designed, or remade.
  • The Green Prince will be remade into a live-action feature film.
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Root form of remakes is remake for both verb and noun.

Meaning of remakes

  • noun Creation that is created again or anew
    it is a remake of an old film
  • verb Make new
    She is remaking her image