remained childless

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  • He would have nine children with his second wife, while his first marriage had remained childless.
  • Since by that time they were both getting on in age, the marriage remained childless.
  • Perhaps this was the real reason why she had remained childless. Cited from The Devil's Garden, by W. B. Maxwell
  • The marriage was described as a happy one, but it remained childless.
  • The marriage was described as a happy one; however, it remained childless.
  • The marriage was happy, but only lasted two years and remained childless.
  • Their marriage remained childless and they were also both very unhappy.
  • Following the death of their only child in infancy, the couple remained childless during their marriage.
  • Her first marriage was short and she remained childless.
  • They had financial problems and the marriage remained childless marriage, and soon their relationship took a very unfortunate course.
  • The marriage has remained childless, as I told Mr. A it would be. Cited from Woman, by William J. Robinson
  • Although her parents were married in 1708, they remained childless for nearly three years.
  • Although he was madly in love with her, their marriage remained childless.
  • She shared the couple's financial responsibility, and the two chose to remain childless.
  • For a long time their marriage remained childless, finally they had a son, whom they called Hushim. Cited from The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg Volume 2
  • Conversely, a woman may choose to remain childless in order to seek political office.
  • The marriage lasted only three years and remained childless.
  • The dowry that she brought into her marriage was, This marriage, however, remained childless.
  • Their marriage remained childless and after his death, Arnstadt fell back to his brother Christian William.
  • For example, more couples are choosing to remain childless or have children without being married.
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