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  • They relied on the British regular army and navy for any serious military operation.
  • He also points out another problem with relying on captured enemy equipment.
  • The community began to rely less on agriculture and more on business and industry.
  • However, he eventually begins relying on his friends, allowing them to fight alongside him.
  • William had little formal education in his early years, relying heavily on reading books.
  • Here each group learned how to bond and rely on one another.
  • It is likely to have relied on sight and sound when hunting instead.
  • They were able to come quickly, and Innocent could rely on their help.
  • Having few resources, he had to rely on friends to push his project.
  • They were also asked which media sources they relied upon.
  • Over one billion people rely on fish as their primary source of animal protein.
  • The shows were sold out despite little advertising and largely relying on word of mouth.
  • Everyone should rely only on his personal abilities in order to make a living.
  • Free social network sites rely on advertising companies to maintain their internet presence.
  • The town mainly relies on the service sector for its economic base.
  • He would come to rely on the drug in order to fall asleep.
  • World building often relies on materials and concepts taken from the real world.
  • Early governments generally relied on tax in kind and forced labor for their economic resources.
  • They have no in-house design teams and rely on submitted material from outside talent.
  • For many years the residents had relied on water wells for their water supply.
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