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  • Far more often the general population has been reluctantly drawn into war by its rulers.
  • Only when public pressure to act had become too great did the government reluctantly send a relief force.
  • Smith gets caught between the special police and a growing resistance movement and reluctantly becomes involved.
  • After several hours of trying to free the vessel, the crew reluctantly abandoned ship.
  • The two men often find themselves reluctantly joining forces to achieve a common goal.
  • Having already sold his house and left his practice, Louis reluctantly accepted and signed the new contract.
  • Reluctantly, he decided to leave St. Louis and find another place to play.
  • They will be paid according to how many members they can recruit, and they reluctantly join.
  • At first, she turned it down, but then reluctantly accepted it.
  • The others reluctantly gave him permission to do so in order to get his way out of debt.
  • He had accepted the post reluctantly, feeling that a composer should not head a school of music.
  • However, no one is willing to execute him, so they reluctantly take him along.
  • Middle-class women demanded entry into higher education, and the state colleges reluctantly admitted them.
  • In the mid-1970s, he reluctantly put aside his acting career to run an art gallery.
  • She had reluctantly gone out, just past his sight to check if he was watching, and then took off.
  • Pike reluctantly let her go, knowing it was what she wanted and that she would go no other way.
  • She agrees reluctantly, but they fall in love when they meet.
  • Hogan reluctantly went into the ring, then was met with the same treatment.
  • Reluctantly, he begins seeing his students as individuals and finds ways to help them excel.
  • Despite this, she reluctantly served alongside him as a comrade-in-arms during the war.
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Meaning of reluctantly

  • adverb With reluctance