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  • They upgraded and added more equipment, relocated their studio, and committed to tour.
  • Within two years, the three brothers had relocated their business to La Grange.
  • The Park District relocated their main office to the airport.
  • Her parents were forced to leave Austria due to their political views, relocating their family to London.
  • Team owners jumped at the chance to relocate their teams to the West.
  • Many manufacturing organisations that employ large numbers of people have relocated their operations to developing nations.
  • The teenager and his family were forced to relocate their house after the video went viral.
  • Often big corporations relocate their employees for short-term to long-term assignments abroad.
  • When threatened, they simply relocated their villages into safer territory.
  • British Engines relocated their central core services teams to the park in December 2013.
  • He moved again in 1846 to Indianapolis where he and his partner relocated their law office.
  • Because of this the Amazons relocate their island home to another plane of existence.
  • They decided to relocate their transfer point away from the marsh land at the mouth of Pass Creek.
  • Believing that they had found a promised land, blacks began to relocate their families North in larger numbers.
  • The black population was forced to relocate their families as well as the graves of their dead to another location, outside the city limits.
  • Within a couple of years of his birth, his parents relocated their family to Elkhart, Indiana.
  • Most of the Chinese ministries relocated their offices from the street.
  • To prevent depleting the land, they relocate their fields every few yields.
  • He directs his own people to relocate their village to the top of the mountain Hikurangi.
  • Five years later they relocated their factory to Everett.
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