relocate the school

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  • He also looked for a suitable country site to relocate the school away from the distractions of town.
  • In response to this, Dudley council drew up plans to relocate the school to a new site.
  • At the end of the war efforts were made to relocate the school and Ricards Lodge was found.
  • In order to relocate the school, the new school building was being in Hougang New Town at the cost of approximately $10 million.
  • He decided to relocate the school to Chalons-en-Champagne in 1806, where two former monasteries were made available to offer much more space.
  • Supporters of Seeds and progressive education successfully lobbied the state legislature to provide funds to relocate the school to the UCLA campus.
  • The initial site that was acquired to relocate the school was situated at Kokomlemle, however this site had to be abandoned as a result of a prolonged litigation concerning the ownership of the land.
  • It appears to have closed by 1911, when tenders were called to relocate the school buildings to Maryborough West and the teacher's residence to Gayndah.
  • The following year, they decided to relocate the school to the Choctaw Nation (located in Indian Territory.) Pitchlynn's correspondence shows they were also discussing the need for a girls' school.
  • On Tuesday June 8, 1999, the LAUSD school board approved the plan to relocate the school to Venice.
  • By the early 1580s there were calls to relocate the School to a new site recently obtained by the Department of Education, on the corner of Rainbow and Avoca Streets.
  • When the lease of the property expired in June 1924, the landlord was not willing to renew it, and the principal was faced with the problem of where to relocate the school.
  • In 1938 plans were mooted to relocate the school to Quarry Lane in Heavitree, but these were put in abeyance due to the Second World War.
  • In the spring of 1865, as the fall of Richmond became inevitable, Secretary Mallory made a decision to relocate the school further into the interior of the Condederate States, in some location possibly in North or South Carolina or Georgia.
  • However, due to the inefficiency and the limitations caused thereof, plans have been to relocate the school as an Academy to a single site at Woodberry Down, under the Woodberry Down Regeneration project in 2010.
  • WIHA acquires a 347-acre property in the Laurentians in order to relocate the school from the West Island of Montreal to Harrington, Quebec.