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  • The department also relocated its non-essential personnel from those states to Mexico City.
  • In 1992, the company relocated its headquarters and changed its name for the last time.
  • Having built Oswestry railway station, and relocated its headquarters there, the company need a new railway works.
  • Church leaders were obliged to look into relocating its center of higher education in Southeast Asia.
  • The station is expected to relocate its operations into the building in 2016.
  • Following this change, Astral relocated its headquarters to a building that was renamed after itself.
  • His policies led to a split in the movement when he relocated its headquarters to Liberia.
  • Plans to close the hospital and relocate its patients were first announced in 2010.
  • That same year, the institute relocated its headquarters to Washington, DC.
  • Since then, it has relocated its Serangoon Gardens branch to a location still yet to be confirmed.
  • In 1996 it relocated its facilities to a modern new unit.
  • The school has stated that it may relocate its Asian campus to Macau.
  • In 2011, it relocated its campus to a purpose-built site.
  • NBC Universal would relocate its television and cable operations to the Universal City complex.
  • The library was forced to close and relocate its collection in 2011.
  • Since the 1990s Brazil has been relocating its forces in accordance to this national security requirement.
  • Gojoseon is thought to have relocated its capital to the Pyongyang region around this time.
  • Wind relocated its stores to be near the old Blockbuster locations.
  • Construction proceeded after the Arts Club relocated its famed floating staircase to a new building.
  • The station relocated its broadcast tower in 2000 and the former studio building is now a daycare facility.
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