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  • A project to relocate much of the town to higher ground has been completed.
  • They finally decided to relocate him on Earth and take away his memory.
  • The park remains at its original location, though attempts were made to relocate.
  • After the railroad was built into the area, the town relocated nearby to its tracks.
  • New towns arose along the rail lines or old ones relocated along them.
  • If a player forms a square, he may relocate two enemy pieces.
  • His father's military career also required the family to relocate frequently.
  • The mine was then filled in, and that section of town was relocated.
  • Soon many other factories and industrial areas relocated or went out of business.
  • Irish clubs relocating out of their original district are slightly more common.
  • The post office opened that same year as did the town's first church, having relocated from nearby.
  • Many of the relocated workers have trouble living outside the city.
  • This was in line with the Soviet post-war policy regarding various relocated industrial operations.
  • Since then, the government has made many attempts to relocate them.
  • Most young people relocate to the larger cities when they become adults.
  • The city center was relocated several times during the period due to the government's development strategy.
  • Humans also use land for agriculture and keep relocating once the land is used up.
  • Some other sports teams gained their names from being in Minnesota before relocating.
  • When they relocated, they brought with them the numerous African-American slaves whom they held.
  • City Beautiful grew under her leadership and soon had to relocate to larger headquarters.
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Synonyms of relocate

Meaning of relocate

  • verb Become established in a new location
    Our company relocated to the Midwest
  • verb Move or establish in a new location
    We had to relocate the office because the rent was too high