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  • Their motors are almost always reloadable rather than single-use, in order to reduce cost.
  • The reloadable motor technology was never actually put into production.
  • However, not all companies that produce reloadable motor systems use the same designations for their motors.
  • Some types of RPG are reloadable while others are single-use.
  • These pods were ground reloadable and were semi-permanent aircraft parts.
  • Some types of RPG are reloadable, while others are single-use.
  • Non-reloadable (single use) Opal cards are set to be introduced at a future date.
  • Reloadable motors are available from D through O class.
  • Stored value tickets are not reloadable and are captured by the fare gate after the last use.
  • CredEcardplus is a reloadable prepaid card that works in a similar way to a High Street bank account.
  • Reloadable rocket motors are specified in the same manner as single-use model rocket motors as described above.
  • With the rise of easily reloadable and effective firearms, hand-to-hand combat fell into decline along with personal armour, including gauntlets.
  • Aerotech produces single use and reloadable engines in the mid-power range (D - G impulse engines).
  • Unlike traditional paper farecards or bus passes, SmarTrip is designed to be permanent and reloadable.
  • Unlike better known weapons, the RPG-18 requires only one operator because it is not reloadable.
  • Two Rivers Community Credit Union is now able to give out reloadable debit cards directly with no wait time before receiving the card.
  • This makes it handloadable and reloadable, and thus much more versatile.
  • The magazine follower spring had a short service life, so soldiers were ordered to load no more than 25 rounds to extend the reloadable life of the spring.
  • Prepaid debit cards, also called reloadable debit cards, appeal to a variety of users.
  • The cards were not reloadable and could be loaded with up to $2500.
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