religious cleansing

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  • Info Religious cleansing is a euphemism for a form of religious persecution in which members of a religious population are subjected to imprisonment, expulsion, forced conversion or death by a majority to achieve religious homogeneity in majority-controlled territory. more...
  • This religious cleansing did not sit well with other Muslims though.
  • Before to the ceremony, there is a religious cleansing of the area to remove any evil spirits.
  • Saud's reign was a period of religious cleansing in Arabia.
  • However, it was not possible to settle at Kitere village before performing religious cleansing rituals that were meant to drive away all the haunting spirits.
  • The Taliban have used false methods of luring, as well as the co-operation of zealots within local authorities to perpetrate religious cleansing.
  • Robinson says that inscriptions with pictures of moon worship objects are found all over the southern peninsula but are missing on Jebel Musa and Mount Catherine which oddity may suggest religious cleansing.
  • Aslan has also said that the persecution and displacement of Middle Eastern Christian communities "is nothing less than a regional religious cleansing that will soon prove to be a historic disaster for Christians and Muslims alike."
  • Religious cleansing: In their days of ascendancy the Muslims in the Nablus of 1783 prohibited Christians from settling.