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  • Each of two teams has four starting players and three relievers.
  • One of the biggest stress-relievers for working parents is paid time off including family sick days.
  • A monthly version of the award is also handed out to relievers during the season.
  • Anti-inflammatory pain relievers may be taken as directed for short-term relief.
  • Relievers became more respected in the 1970s, and their pay increased due to free agency.
  • Position players are also sometimes brought in as relievers if a team has no more eligible pitchers.
  • All patent pain relievers are safe things to let entirely alone. Cited from A Handbook of Health, by Woods Hutchinson
  • Gradually after World War II, full-time relievers became more acceptable and standard.
  • The player can start any pitcher they like, though the relievers have very low stamina.
  • I've always said there are a lot of great middle relievers out there who deserve to go to the game.
  • Rivera is regarded within baseball as one of the most dominant relievers in major league history.
  • Many relievers retire back to the clubhouse after being removed from a game.
  • He was one of eight NL relievers to allow one or fewer home runs.
  • Patients may need pain relievers to control pain.
  • Other relief roles include set-up men, middle relievers, left-handed specialists, and long relievers.
  • But relievers may be called upon to pitch in several games consecutively.
  • Treatment usually involves resting the affected foot, taking pain relievers and trying to avoid putting pressure on the foot.
  • Currently, although some relievers still do appear in a large number of games per season, the workload for each individual pitcher has been much reduced.
  • Ibuprofen will help but not that much, it is encouraged that they have pain relievers.
  • The staff generally consists of five starting pitchers, with the remaining pitchers assigned as relievers.
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Root form of relievers is reliever for the noun.

Meaning of relievers

  • noun A person who reduces the intensity (e.g., of fears) and calms and pacifies
    a reliever of anxiety, an allayer of fears
  • noun A pitcher who does not start the game