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  • In, he was again used entirely as a reliever and again he did very well.
  • This Reliever then came up to the women, and asked them how they did. Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volumes 1-3, John Bunyan
  • He would never start a game in his career, because he was used primarily as a middle reliever.
  • He saw limited action in his brief career, usually as a reliever.
  • He won the league's reliever of the year award as well.
  • The next season, he was used mostly as a reliever, making only two starts.
  • He made one start in September, but was used mostly as a long reliever during his time up.
  • In fact, he was used as a reliever only four times.
  • He spent the final two years of his career as a short-reliever, his arm no longer capable of starting.
  • As a reliever he finished ten games and saved one other.
  • In his collegiate career, he was used mostly as a reliever until his senior year.
  • One source notes he profiles as a future middle reliever at the major league level.
  • In addition, she served as starter and long reliever when not playing at first base.
  • He worked as both a starting pitcher and a reliever in his career.
  • One told her they found the experience to be a "great stress reliever."
  • Park started the season as a reliever but soon he became a starter.
  • The role is often assigned to a team's best reliever.
  • In the following few seasons, Bush started to take a larger role as a reliever.
  • He started two games for the Tigers and appeared in one game as a reliever.
  • He played all but one game as a reliever.
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Meaning of reliever

  • noun A person who reduces the intensity (e.g., of fears) and calms and pacifies
    a reliever of anxiety, an allayer of fears
  • noun A pitcher who does not start the game