relieve the beleaguered

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  • Meanwhile the Japanese had been making efforts to relieve the beleaguered Cavalry Group.
  • When night fell, Cornwallis was able to advance and relieve the beleaguered men in the redoubt.
  • "Then it's our duty to relieve the beleaguered garrison?" Cited from Blacksheep! Blacksheep!, by Meredith Nicholson
  • The French finally broke through on 16 October to relieve the beleaguered paratroops.
  • For nine days the gallant vessel ploughed on through fields of ice, but suffering no serious damage, her stout-hearted captain having no thought but to reach and relieve the beleaguered city. Cited from This Country Of Ours, by H. E. Marshall
  • The Dutch rebel forces then asked John Norreys, who was in Brabant, to help relieve the beleaguered garrison.
  • I was well aware of the strenuous efforts the gallant Commander had made to relieve the beleaguered garrison, and I knew if co-operation had been possible it would have been effected. Cited from Forty-one years in India, by Frederick Sleigh Roberts
  • Because of heavy casualties and slow reinforcement rates, the Army looked to the National Guard to provide additional units to relieve the beleaguered Eighth Army.
  • Douglas raised an army to relieve the beleaguered defenders of Berwick.
  • Speaking with Gonen and the other commanders after Elazar had left, Sharon recommended an immediate assault to relieve the beleaguered strongpoints.
  • Mermeroes, the Persian commander of two years previously, took the field with the commencement of spring, and, at the head of a large body of cavalry, supported by eight elephants, began his march to the coast, hoping to relieve the beleaguered garrison. Cited from Seven Great Monarchies, Vol 7. (of 7): New Persian Empire, by Rawlinson
  • As the rest of the battalion mobilised to relieve the beleaguered 'D' Company, a patrol from 'B' Company were the first reinforcements to arrive.
  • Attempts by the 5th Cavalry to relieve the beleaguered battalion were unsuccessful, and the 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, soon ceased to exist as an organized force.
  • The sensation excited in Granada by the tidings of its danger was so strong, that the old chief, El Zagal, found it necessary to make an effort to relieve the beleaguered city, notwithstanding the critical posture in which his absence would leave his affairs in the capital. Cited from History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella V2
  • On 15 April 1450, a French force led by the Duke of Bourbon clashed with an English force sent to relieve the beleaguered region at the Battle of Formigny.
  • GM 3 quickly moved north to relieve the beleaguered 50-man garrison, but they were ambushed by forces from the 312th Division at Dao Tu.
  • As a result of the riot in Baltimore and pro-Southern sympathies of much of the city's populace, the Baltimore Steam Packet Company also declined the same day a Federal government request to transport Union forces to relieve the beleaguered Union naval yard facility at Portsmouth, Virginia.
  • On 6 August, the Essex once again engaged CSS Arkansas as that vessel attempted to relieve the beleaguered Confederates attacking Baton Rouge.
  • On 26 August General Wellesley was detached with his Reserve and two light brigades of British artillery, as well as one battalion, eight squadrons and one troop of horse artillery from the KGL to disperse a force which had been sent to relieve the beleaguered city.
  • It fought as part of Army Group South during the Invasion of Poland (1939, attacking from the territory of Slovak State), then took part in the invasion of Norway in 1940, and attempted to relieve the beleaguered 3rd Mountain Division at Narvik.
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