relieve overcrowding

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  • Residents hoped a new school could relieve overcrowding for nearby schools.
  • Additionally many new classrooms were built to relieve overcrowding in schools around the island.
  • Hinckley said the new building was needed to relieve overcrowding in other temples in the valley.
  • Students were taught at the original brick building until 1910, when a large new school was dedicated to relieve overcrowding.
  • PRHS was constructed in order to relieve overcrowding at four neighboring high schools.
  • The school was initially constructed to relieve overcrowding at St. Paul's located a few kilometers to the east.
  • The Department for Transport previously proposed to build new-generation DMUs to relieve overcrowding for various train operating companies.
  • The school was originally designated as a destination for students being bused to relieve overcrowding in majority African American schools.
  • In 1881 an addition was constructed for female patients which helped to relieve overcrowding concerns.
  • By so doing we shall liberate new springs of enterprise and industry, we shall stimulate building, relieve overcrowding, and promote employment. Cited from Liberalism and the Social Problem, by Winston Spencer Churchill
  • To relieve overcrowding at the elementary level, students from 5th grade to 8th grade attend middle school.
  • The camp was set up to relieve overcrowding in nearby Atme.
  • They will be used to relieve overcrowding on Amtrak California's popular San Joaquin route.
  • These sets have white-painted bodysides, and feature longitudinal seating to provide increased overall capacity and relieve overcrowding on the line.
  • It was built to relieve overcrowding at West Philadelphia High School due to population increases in the southwest part of the city.
  • The middle school began construction in 1991 to relieve overcrowding.
  • Wise was constructed to relieve overcrowding in several Southern-area high schools, mainly Frederick Douglass High School.
  • However, U. S. Army units were moved onto the base from the Verdun area to relieve overcrowding there.
  • DuVal HS opened in 1959 to relieve overcrowding from other local area high schools.
  • The first congressional office building was constructed immediately after the turn of the 20th century to relieve overcrowding in the United States Capitol.
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