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  • Then over the next several years they worked on new material in a much more relaxed manner.
  • Each year had its own common room to relax in, when not in class.
  • The changes will not break any existing code since they only relax current rules.
  • The game trains players how to relax their eyes and train them to be better.
  • It has also been relaxed in urban areas, allowing people to have two children.
  • It was one of the most relaxing times of my whole life.
  • Here she was able to relax and focus on creating new material for her next album.
  • The park is particularly popular with families with children and old people relaxing in quiet.
  • The band would also hold meetings here and use the building to rest and relax.
  • Also up front is an open commons area where students may eat and relax.
  • They say they are looking to relax after years of traveling the world.
  • In this position, the person is allowed to relax his/her bottom on the arms.
  • He said that last with relief, and moved a little, as if relaxing. Cited from The Best Short Stories of 1917, ed. by Edward J. O'Brien
  • As a result of a relaxed structure, some operations can take a long time while others are done very quickly.
  • But it's human nature to relax a little and take something for granted.
  • This is followed by a waiting time during which the system is allowed to relax.
  • The house features a tower where he could relax and read newspapers.
  • Here you can find many families relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
  • The one thing he's got to do is relax himself.
  • The government would relax its one-child policy to allow single-child parents to have two kids.
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Meaning of relax

  • verb Become less tense, rest, or take one's ease
    He relaxed in the hot tub, Let's all relax after a hard day's work
  • verb Make less taut
    relax the tension on the rope
  • verb Cause to feel relaxed
    A hot bath always relaxes me
  • verb Become less tense, less formal, or less restrained, and assume a friendlier manner
    our new colleague relaxed when he saw that we were a friendly group
  • verb Make less severe or strict
    The government relaxed the curfew after most of the rebels were caught
  • verb Become less severe or strict
    The rules relaxed after the new director arrived