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  • After six years the school was relaunched as an eleven to sixteen community school under its present name.
  • All five relatively unknown hosts were removed from the program when it was relaunched.
  • The brand has since been relaunched in the north Indian market.
  • It remains to be seen if they will be relaunched.
  • The band also relaunched their website on the same day.
  • Since then, the series has been relaunched multiple times.
  • The magazine was relaunched in October, along with a new, free website.
  • They were later relaunched under their current names.
  • The relaunched Animal Man has been met with a great deal of critical acclaim.
  • When the title was relaunched with volume two, the characters relocated to America.
  • It has now been relaunched in New Zealand again as 'limited edition' for the summer months.
  • The following year it was decided that the service would not be relaunched and it was closed permanently.
  • In the late 1990s the story was relaunched in a self-published full-sized comic.
  • Recently it was announced that the newspaper would be relaunched.
  • Chicago not only changed its logo, but relaunched its campaign.
  • The relaunched company will release collections of material originally published by Caliber in addition to all new material.
  • When it was relaunched several years later, he was still listed as one of its contributing photographers.
  • The original series ended in 2011 and was relaunched with a new first issue.
  • The championship was never relaunched, and during World War I the club went on hiatus.
  • The club is open all year round with a growing social membership and has relaunched its junior section for 2011.
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