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  • We therefore need to take relativistic effects into account.
  • This is unlike the non-relativistic case where they travel at right angles.
  • In this case, its total relativistic mass and energy increase.
  • Krivchenkov believed that people need to understand at least the non-relativistic theory.
  • Through experience outside the family circle, they learn that rules they were taught as absolute are in fact relativistic.
  • Some claim that (in later years) he did not like the idea of "relativistic mass".
  • The finite speed of light also makes it important to allow for light-time effects, both classical and relativistic.
  • People aboard a passenger craft in this region experience relativistic effects in daily life.
  • These machines would simply not work if they were not engineered according to relativistic principles.
  • A relativistic speed is a speed which is a significant proportion of the speed of light.
  • These exact solutions play a key role when it comes to building general-relativistic models of physical situations.
  • The term relativistic mass is also sometimes used.
  • A proper relativistic theory with a probability density current must also share this feature.
  • When the velocity is small, the relativistic mass and the rest mass are almost exactly the same.
  • Thus they should travel slightly slower than the speed of light, otherwise their relativistic energy would become infinitely large.
  • Relativistic stars are one possible source to allow gravitational waves to be studied.
  • Their journey is a round trip taking them to the future of our solar system through relativistic time dilation.
  • Without relativistic effects, gold would look silvery, rather than yellow.
  • He noted that there were many possibilities for a relativistic law, and he discussed two of them.
  • There are also many examples of conversion of relativistic kinetic energy into rest energy.
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Meaning of relativistic

  • adjective Relating or subject to the special or the general theory of relativity
    relativistic quantum mechanics, relativistic increase in mass, radiation from relativistic particles
  • adjective Of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of relativism