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  • Relational aggression is more common and has been studied more among girls than boys.
  • Often teachers provide historical and relational information not available from other students or the text itself.
  • Other data models, such as the relational model and the object data model, are record-based.
  • Exchange has been a central research thrust in business-to-business relational exchange.
  • This is a specific case of the relational model concept of access plans.
  • The language one uses is designated by one's relational position in a field or social space.
  • Relational aggression has been studied among girls but not so much among adult women.
  • However, modern relational database systems support this multi-value data model too.
  • Software has been-developed for data management by using relational data based management systems INGRES.
  • Object-relational database management systems grew out of research that occurred in the early 1990s.
  • A foreign key is a field in a relational table that matches the primary key column of another table.
  • Groups generally work in a context that is both relational and social.
  • It allows association rule learning for first order relational rules.
  • In this paper and later papers, he defined what he meant by "relational".
  • This is supported by previous work showing that the largest part of perceived support is relational in nature.
  • Relational aggression has been studied amongst girls but not so much amongst adult women.
  • Relational retreat takes back of what has earlier been exchanged in the building of a relationship.
  • Many of these spatial relational terms are historically related to body-part terms.
  • Two of the most common forms are those of a relational data model and a semantic data model.
  • Since then, the relational perspective has emerged as a major area for theory development in public relations.
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