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  • Info A reissue (also known as a re-release or re-edition) is the repeated issue of a published work. more...
  • Since its first release, the album has been reissued a number of times.
  • The record has been reissued more than ten times with different tracks and orders.
  • Reissuing project produced some changes to cover arts but also for album songs list.
  • The order of some of the songs on the reissue changed as well.
  • A later reissue featured the single versions of several tracks from the album.
  • They are presented here in the same song order as the reissues.
  • The album itself was later reissued several times throughout the 1970s and 1980s.
  • The reissue albums did not feature any of the original cover art.
  • The album has been reissued several times over the years.
  • The other records have never been reissued because the masters are believed to be lost.
  • After his death many of his films were reissued to help pay his estate expenses.
  • Several have been reissued successfully for the young-adult market, some under different titles.
  • The reissues sometimes have a different track order, and the album has rarely gone under its original title.
  • This popular album has been reissued many times over the years and is now available on CD.
  • The 1980s to the present day saw a large number of reissues as well as new material.
  • The UK reissue, released the previous day, also added this track onto the end.
  • This record was never reissued since the masters are believed to be lost.
  • Four additional songs from the band's third album could also be found on the Australian reissue.
  • The reissues featured three extra tracks not found on the original release.
  • Such reissues are marked in this list with the year of original publication.
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Meaning of reissue

  • noun A publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale
  • verb Issue (a new version of)
    if you forget your password, it can be changed and reissued