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  • The series introduced new characters and reintroduced characters who no longer had their own titles.
  • It was reintroduced over the next decades several times, but failed each time.
  • The area has since reintroduced the use of its original name.
  • However two years later, the character was reintroduced on a regular basis.
  • This has reintroduced the critical mass of youth back into the club.
  • The bill will have to be reintroduced in order to be considered again.
  • Established characters were given the opportunity to be reintroduced in new ways.
  • Now a low pressure, low temperature gas again, it can be reintroduced into the system.
  • However, she would reintroduce the song into her concert repertoire some twenty-five years later.
  • Later in the year, the government reintroduced the measure in what eventually became this Act.
  • Once recovered, the next step is reintroducing them to opportunity through education.
  • Over its next two terms, attempts were made to reintroduce public service functions to the sector.
  • Getting Peter home, they try to reintroduce him to his life.
  • After becoming a police officer, she gets reintroduced to her old flame.
  • In the 1990s an effort was made to reintroduce French into the school systems.
  • These private collections became the source stock to reintroduce the fish to the lake.
  • However, the species has since been reintroduced to many regions.
  • Such images are reintroduced into the game several times until they are fully labeled.
  • The same game format was used, but returning champions were reintroduced and could appear up to five days.
  • Members may and often do reintroduce bills that did not come up for debate.
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Meaning of reintroduce

  • verb Introduce anew
    We haven't met in a long time, so let me reintroduce myself