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  • Info A reign is the period of a person's or dynasty's occupation of the office of monarch of a nation (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Andorra), of a people (e.g., the Franks, the Zulus) or of a spiritual community (e.g., Roman Catholicism, Tibetan Buddhism, Nizari Ismailism). more...
  • Many changes were made to the royal style during his reign.
  • The king died at the age of forty-two, after a twenty-year reign.
  • Little is known about his career or personal life outside his reigns under company rule.
  • The official year system of China is divided into many division with reign titles.
  • He lost the championship one day shy of having a year long reign.
  • Little is known of him except that he only reigned two years.
  • A reign of around ten years was regarded a sufficient service.
  • The final civil war of his reign was over.
  • More than half his reign was spent outside of Italy.
  • Russia, by the end of Peter's reign, had become a great power.
  • When Louis threatened invasion, the third great civil war of his reign broke out.
  • He was fifty-two years, seven months old when he died, having reigned forty-two years.
  • His 15 year long reign takes up about one third of the entire work.
  • His 15 year long reign takes up about one third of the entire work.
  • He was only thirty-three, and had reigned for only three years.
  • His reign is especially distinguished by the number and beauty of his medals.
  • The doors of the temple remained closed for the balance of his reign.
  • I would not live to reign o'er such a race. Cited from The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 5 (of 18), ed. by Walter Scott
  • His short two year reign came to an end following his death in Rudolstadt.
  • The events of his reign are in reality almost unknown.
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Meaning of reign

  • noun A period during which something or somebody is dominant or powerful
    he was helpless under the reign of his egotism
  • noun The period during which a monarch is sovereign
    during the reign of Henry VIII
  • noun Royal authority; the dominion of a monarch
  • verb Have sovereign power
    Henry VIII reigned for a long time