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  • Since then, states have been allowed to pass their own laws regulating opening hours.
  • Each member nation has its own national body which regulates matches played in its country.
  • This allowed them more control over the population and to regulate the economy.
  • Water has unique features that make it difficult to regulate using laws designed mainly for land.
  • The town is also regulated by a town council consisting of six other members.
  • It is not regulated, so therefore a company can state anything they would like the public to believe.
  • The network continued in a heavily regulated market as international technology developed.
  • The Company no longer has the power to regulate music within the City.
  • The presence of a fort would be one means of regulating this trade.
  • Although independent they are regulated by the state and commonly receive public funding.
  • International law regulates this, like for any other area of the earth.
  • It was also not regulated by a country that had a central bank.
  • It is used to control or regulate such a system (see control theory).
  • This is because many species are unable to regulate their internal body temperature.
  • In addition, two family members will join a six-member committee which will regulate access to the code.
  • Every major neighborhood in the city has its own borough-regulated market, often more than one.
  • Additionally, construction was heavily regulated which made building difficult without political support.
  • Many power supplies use more than one regulating method in series.
  • The governor is responsible for providing for the care of all those regulated by his or her orders.
  • Because of its international status, there was a desire to regulate the French language.
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Meaning of regulate

  • verb Fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
    regulate the temperature, modulate the pitch
  • verb Bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations
    We cannot regulate the way people dress, This town likes to regulate